• Financial Analysts in Hong Kong Earn More Than Those in New York
    Hong Kong's reputation as a global financial hub is further boosted by a latest study that showed financial analysts in the city are earning more than those who are based in New York City.
  • In Hong Kong, Grandma Has to Find a Job
    Eighty-six years old and still job hunting. Wong Siu-ying had to stop passing out leaflets on a Hong Kong flyover when she hurt her knee in August. With two-thirds of her social security income spent on rent and no steady allowance from her three children, retirement isn’t an option.
  • Financial Salaries Stagnate in New York, Rise in Hong Kong
    Incomes in financial services and the finance industry aren’t rising in New York, but Asia-based workers are seeing bigger bonuses and larger offers as demand for finance services professionals continue to rise in Asia.