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  • Thousands march in Hong Kong to demand release of 'political prisoners'
    Thousands of people took to the streets in Hong Kong under a scorching afternoon sun on Sunday to voice their discontent against two recent court decisions that imprisoned a total of 16 young political activists, including prominent democracy movement leader Joshua Wong Chi-fung. The emergence of "political prisoners," a concept that was once non-existent in the territory, seems to have led people to take action.
  • Cathay Pacific stays the course despite huge first-half loss
    Cathay Pacific Airways posted its worst first-half loss in nearly two decades on Wednesday, but Hong Kong's flagship carrier had no plans to dramatically change its strategy in fuel-hedging or to launch its own budget carrier to fend off competition.
  • What are Hong Kong banks are worried about?
    Hong Kong has long been home to the world’s top banks and financial institutions. But recently, there has been an air of desperation  not seen since the recession of 2007. This is not due to the tensions caused by US President Donald Trump or the risk to the global economy of a new recession. It is, in fact, something new and shocking.