• Hong Kong media tycoon arrested over protests
    Police arrested and then released tycoon Jimmy Lai, who said he had been accused of two offences during pro-democracy protests last year - "organising and assembling an illegal assembly, and participating in an illegal assembly".
  • Hong Kong stays 6th on Asia's livability index
    Hong Kong remains Asia's sixth most livable location, but has fallen to 33rd place in the global ranking, a report said on Thursday.
  • Hong Kong's ties to China: good or bad?
    On one hand the influx of mainlanders to Hong Kong to save and invest and the city's position as gateway to China underpins its role as a wealth ...
  • Hong Kong's embattled leader falls short on housing promises
    Hong Kong leader Leung Chun-ying took power in 2012 with a pledge to make housing more affordable, but since then both home prices and the waiting list for public housing have jumped by a third, stoking calls for him to step down.
  • Hong Kong's sky slums highlight wealth gap
    With an unrestricted, panoramic night view of the city's twinkling skyline and the breezy air right outside the front door, a 15th floor penthouse apartment ticks all the boxes for a million-dollar property in the heart of Hong Kong.