• Hong Kong protest leaders write open letter to Chinese president
    Students leading pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong issued an open letter Saturday to Chinese President Xi Jinping, urging him to consider political reforms in the city and blaming the city's unpopular leader for the demonstrations.
  • Anonymous threatens China with DDos attacks in Operation Hong Kong
    The Anonymous hacktivist collective has advised the Chinese government that it intends to launch attacks on government websites this weekend in response to ongoing human rights violations in Hong Kong.
  • Both sides in Hong Kong agree again to talks
    Hong Kong's government and student protesters agreed late Monday on terms to hold talks as people returned to work after more than a week of pro-democracy demonstrations that paralyzed the financial hub.
  • Hong Kong Protests Fueled by Resentment, Money and Job Worries
    While calls for freedom and democracy have reverberated throughout Hong Kong since protests erupted there last month, underlying concerns about a widening income gap, the skyrocketing cost of living and dim employment prospects underpin the demonstrations.
  • HK activists start bigger protest amid standoff
    Hong Kong activists kicked off a long-threatened mass civil disobedience protest Sunday to challenge Beijing over restrictions on voting reforms, escalating the battle for democracy in the former British colony after police arrested dozens of student demonstrators.