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  • Hong Kong: what exactly are wages?
    Under the provisions of the Employment Ordinance (the “EO”), employees in Hong Kong are entitled to certain statutory benefits including annual leave, maternity leave, paternity leave, sick leave and (in some cases) severance or long service payments.
  • If Scotland 'could' make it on her own, what about Hong Kong?

    In the long campaign that culminated with Scotland rejecting independence from the UK in a referendum last September, pro-Union politicians are held to have “gone negative”.

  • Job survey reveals unspoken racism against ethnic minorities

    While nearly 90 percent of employers in a recent survey claimed they would not take the skin colour or race of job seekers into account when making hiring decisions, many behave differently in practice.

  • Hong Kong should turn its creativity into a new engine of growth
    Hong Kong's unseating as the most competitive Chinese city and missed opportunities in the technology sector, notably the failure to support the headquarters of the world's biggest civilian-drone maker DJI, have led to widespread reflection over the city's future position as a place for innovation and entrepreneurship. Hong Kong must not only compete with other Chinese cities, but in a global race for technology start-ups.