• Hong Kong plays catch-up on cloud computing
    We all use the cloud. Every time you download an app or upload a photo to Facebook, Instagram or Weibo, you’re connecting to a network of servers. Perhaps you’re one of the 60 million who stream movies from Netflix, the 300 million users of file-sync company Dropbox, or part of the Facebook empire of 1.2 billion users.
  • Haggle in Hong Kong – you might even get a wardrobe
    After two viewings in the “cheaper” western district, it was clear that the city’s reputation for shoebox-sized spaces at eye-bleeding prices, even in the more affordable corners of Hong Kong Island, was well earned.
  • Shenzhen property boom outstrips Hong Kong
    Although Shenzhen was long the poor cousin of neighbouring Hong Kong, the property markets in the two cities are diverging as Hong Kong's highly inflated real estate prices start to fall while Shenzhen surges ahead on the back of a technology boom.