• US report urges Hong Kong to enhance protection of foreign maids

    The United States is urging the Hong Kong government to increase protective services for vulnerable populations such as foreign domestic workers.

    According to the US State Department’s Trafficking in Persons Report 2015, more than 320,000 foreign domestic workers from Indonesia, the Philippines, Burma and Bangladesh work in Hong Kong.

  • Demand For Compliance Managers Spurs MBA Job Creation In Finance

    The financial sector is showing signs of a long awaited recruitment revival but it is still striking how many banks are desperate to hire compliance staff.

    The business of keeping banks in check is booming, with HSBC, JPMorgan Chase and BNP Paribas all employing thousands to bolster their compliance teams since the crisis.

  • Wall Street, Hong Kong Lead Banks' Business School Hiring Surge
    Talk of Hong Kong as a banking centre recently has focused on the extraordinary collapse of China’s stock markets. Yet the bulge bracket banks continue to place Hong Kong in their crosshairs — and this is opening up recruitment at banks, brokerages and asset managers.
  • Hong Kong is no panacea for panicked Chinese bankers
    Anxious bankers in mainland China are seeking the security of a job in Hong Kong as China’s stock market continues to tank. But relocating for this reason right now would be reckless and bankers should wait until the Hong Kong job market improves before trying a switch.