• Hong Kong's Dollar Drop Has Origin in Property-Lending Rumbles
    Where U.S. interest rates go, Hong Kong’s follow. At least that’s the theory with the territory’s pegged currency system.

    It’s not always the case. There was a sharp divergence in rates in 2003, when Hong Kong’s economy was hit by the impact of the deadly SARS virus, causing a drop in lending that generated a surfeit of liquidity, driving down rates. Local dynamics are causing a gap again, though now it has nothing to do with face masks -- it’s all about real-estate lending.
  • What triggers Hongkongers to quit
    It looks like the job hopping rate of Hong Kong will accelerate this year, with 43% of local employees saying they intend to change jobs, compared to 39% in 2016, according to the Job Seeker Salary Report 2017 by jobsDB. Quite a number of them (19%) will be repeat hoppers, having also changed jobs in the previous year. The most common reason for workers wanting to move on is “salary dissatisfaction” (54%), followed by “low advancement opportunity” (37%) and “discontent with company culture” (27%).